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Testimonials from Thailand

Punjen Hide-Away Resort

Phrae (Punjen Hide-Away Resort)

This is the original statement of our customer: I was introduced to the Raintree-Foundation through a friend when I was talking about I would like to build a hydraulic ram. I have a small resort on a running stream and felt it was such a waste of money to be running an electric water pump. Thomas communicated with me by Internet fully explaining what I would need and the cost. He then came for 3 days to put in the system and made sure everything was working before he left. I have had the ram going for almost 3 months now and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can fill my tanks and run a sprinkler on my lawn all for nothing. The system is very easy to use and maintain. I would recommend anyone who has a flowing stream nearby to look into this form of water power. It is great!!

Huai Pa, Mae Chaem

Huai Pa, Mae Chaem

Our fist Papa Ram Pump we’ve installed successfully. The setup and installation has never been that easy since the location was pretty convenient as well as the new Papa Ram Pump has less requirement for its installation. The pump supplies an additional water source to provide the urgent need daily water supply for the village.

Mae Hae

Mae Hae

Thai Care and the Raintree-Foundation together installed the first ram pump at Mae Hae. Since the installation around 70 kids from the Mae Hae children's home don't need to walk around 2 kilometers to a water source for showering and to get the required daily drinking water which is purified with a Bio Sand Filter. Now they have water directly accessible at the children's home eliminating the burden of carry water long distances.

In cooperation with OBF Meribah Ram Pumps were able to supply a whole village of about 200 people with a steady water supply for their households

Buloe, Mae Sam Leap

In cooperation with OBF Meribah Ram Pumps were able to supply a whole village of about 200 people with a steady water supply for their households. This water supply dramatically improved sanitation and hygiene

Moo Ban Poblaki, Mae Sot

Meribah Ram Pumps joined with a local NGO from Mae Sot (BGET), together we have supplied water to the school with around 100 children. The old water supply only had enough water to supply the village but wasn't enough for the school. A small well was used for the ram pump installation. Now the children have access to water for washing their hands, going to toilet and have enough drinking water every day.

Ban Mae Ka Duan, Sop Moei

Ban Mae Ka Duan, Sop Moei

A requested installation from the village committee enabled us to set up our ram pump at the village water source which is around 1 kilometer far away and down in the valley. Within a week we have done the major work and everyone was excited to see finally the supply reaching the village. Enough for 60 households, to cover up the water shortage during the dry season.

Hua Ngu, Fang

Hua Ngu, Fang is a small community of one of the smallest ethnic groups in Thailand. They had to move from their old village and were resettled to Fang. A local NGO supported them with a piece of land that did not have water. Since there was no water the villagers didn't feel well at their new location. After the ram pump was installed the new settled community is able to live their daily life with a steady water supply.

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son

In a really remote area near Mae Hong Son with really bad roads and a high pumping elevation, of almost 200 meters, Meribah Ram Pumps did our most difficult installation to date. It took us nearly two weeks to finish the entire pump site. Since we finished we are able to supply the village with around 15.000 liters of water a day - water that is essential for a life in such a remote area.

Mae On

In collaboration with Track of the Tiger Meribah Ram Pumps set up a demonstration pump site close to Chiang Mai. At the site our customers along with groups that are visiting Pang Song Lodge can see how a ram pump works in a natural environment. Students also visit the site in conjunction with their studies.

Pang Hin Fon

Pang Hin Fon

At Pang Hin Fon ethnic minorities use the Meribah Ram Pump to irrigate the surrounding plantations. These ethnic minorities have become famous because of their good farming skills. They are now able to grow their crops the entire year; annual production improves their nutrition as well as providing more income from selling of the crops.

Nakhorn Ratchasima

In 2009 Meribah Ram Pump attended the ECHO conference in Chiang Mai and presented the ram pump technology. We got in contact with the ATA who purchased a "fitting ram pump set" for further studies and for irrigation on a farm.

Mae Hae Tai

Several years after supplying the children's home in Mae Hae with water the village requested a budget from the local government. Meribah Ram Pump was able to support the entire village with a ram pump system.

Ban Hua Doi

Ban Hua Doi

A foreign donor made it possible for Meribah Ram Pump to install a 2 inch heavy duty ram pump for the entire village with around 150 people. The water is used for their daily needs and helps to support a healthy lifestyle for the villagers and their livestock.


Meribah Ram Pump worked with the local 36 child small school to set up a 2 inch fitting ram pump to supply the school with enough water for their sanitary facilities.

Testimonials from Laos

Xaisomboun Province

Xaisomboun Province

The Meribah Ram Pump first fitting ram pump in Laos was installed through a local farmer group. The group was looking for a reliable and affordable water pump for their farms and plantations. Our pump makes a great impact and supplying water for the community. The farmer's group is now able to build more pumps using local materials.

Attapeu Province

SFE did a ram pump installation in a remote village that suffered from lack of water the entire year. After Meribah Ram Pump received enough information about their situation we advised about the optimum pump site. The local villagers did the installation their self; after the water reached the village they were proud and happy about the new water supply.

Testimonials from Malaysia

Map of Malaysia

Sabah Province

This customer ordered a 1 inch fitting ram pump to irrigate his private farm and to supply water for his livestock.

Kota Kinabalu

Another farm is now supplied by a fitting ram pump and makes it possible to pump water without electricity or gasoline which saves our customer energy costs.


A farmer close to Penang purchased a do-it-yourself set of the Meribah Ram Pump PVC fitting ram pumps to irrigate his farm. He is now able to harvest 3 times a year instead of only 2 times and has increases his income by selling more crops on the market.

Testimonials from
Vietnam & Philippines

Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam)

Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam)

On the outskirts of the city a farmer's group purchased a 2 inch fitting ram pump. The installed pump supplies water for farmland irrigation and for the drinking water supply of 5 cows. The cows are the livestock of the farmers group.

map of Phillipines

Aloha House Palawan

The latest ECHO conference 2011 in Thailand made it possible to reach a customer from the Philippines. His major work is running an orphanage called Aloha House but also he is dedicated to support farmers and groups with knowledge about organic farming. That's why he chooses our hydraulic ram pump to irrigate his farm with a reliable and steady water supply.

Aloha House Palawan

Testimonials from Outside Asia

Map of Spain

Malaga (Spain)

a German resident which spent the half year in Spain installed our fitting ram pump at his summer residence to supply his house and to irrigate his garden since he is far away of the next public water supply.

Middle East

Two Dutchmen dropped by at the Meribah Ram Pump office and purchased our 2 inch fitting ram pump which they installed in the mountains. Their aim is to provide the locals with the ram pump technology as well as with a water supply for the normally dry farms.

Missouri (USA)

Missouri (USA)

A Cup of Water International ordered all three of our fitting ram pumps to support the local communities. All three pumps are used for research purposes as well as for irrigation and household water supply.

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