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2015-02-25 02:35


Now we are able to provide our extended products line with the Papa Ram Pump.

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2012-04-27 03:03

Hua Doi (Thailand)

The last installation was in a remote village in the Mae Hong Son province.

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glass air chamber test ram pump thailand

Why Meribah Ram Pump ?

Meribah Ram Pump is your competent provider for the most powerful and low maintenance hydraulic ram pumps on the market!

German engineering and design coupled with Thailand manufacturing makes it possible for Meribah Ram Pump to offer you the best value for your money.

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 Are you looking for:

- a reliable water pump that provides a 24 hour water supply ?
- a pump to supply your house, farm, or entire village, or community, with water ?
- a solution to pump water without electricity or gasoline ?
- to pump water in a difficult environment, easily and uncomplicated ?
- a low maintenance water pump ?
- a pump that saves high energy cost and cares about the environment ?

Meribah Ram Pump provides you with the perfect solution for your water supply problems. For many years Meribah Ram Pump has been highly appreciated and is approved by organizations, NGO's, private citizens and governmental departments.

Do you want to speak with a Meribah Ram Pump service technician to receive help for your specific request or problem ?

We offer you ram pumps which are able to pump water up to 200 meters of elevation, distances of up to 3.000 meters and a daily delivery output of up to 40.000 liters. Additionally Meribah Ram Pump offers services that include site surveys, installation and set up, maintenance and a steady spare part supply, individual research and solutions. We are helping underprivileged people and villages through donated water supply systems.